Intermedio entre short elements wearing funny headgear

Nains remain at 50% OFF

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Hey, Lenin [y] FIP, “el diablo no es como te lo han pintado”, dice un antiguo refrán de Tasmania. Aussi, los muy sud africanos on The Daily Show con Mr. Noa Noa nos lo pueden, o mejor expuesto, nos lo van a confirmar desde Madagascar, on Orange County’s Boulevard Thyme.

And Now, the Samba News

And Now, the Samba News… 18h50 in Central NATO Times.

Eye never thought that the DAY would arrive when the den à Balard would put a ban on Percussion… Indeed. And so it came to pass, that Monday, September the 9th would forever bee ferried onto the Underground with Satriani’s “cuerdas graves” y las Teclas de un piano… Oh, the humanity. Esa Contra Respuesta carece de PERseCUSSION!!!

Y No! No me vengas con tu Bleu Cielo Swing, porque, Susana con los sepultureros, —por AY ça va la cosa.

Eye tells you what, if you grave-stringers don’t add one of them … wait for it, wait KORA veras, siren KORA veras!

Jaboukie Young-White suggest that the best attack, « per se” can be put on lay-a–güey in Black; maybe, but the best around is them Blued barrels that really, really resonate, sometimes even in Technicolor®️🥥. To zero that thought, Young–White bang-bang enthusiast, there are many barrels out D.A.R.E., but this here little–ol’ThirtyEight “certified” Bleued special is Mine. You can’t buy it, and the download is already underground, —per se.


Oh, Young–White, Jaboukie… you are so fucking gay.

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