Ladies in Gemini: Abbe Road productions presents

An evening with Lemmi Kilmister.
Lemmi sings Louis Armstrong rolas on
the “A Train”.
Duke, Count, and Roach guest star.

Thyme Stamp: 19h50 in CET


Respect, period… a celebration à LA Villette.


Crowd control, to Major Tom

Crowd control, to Major Tom, track 2 .:. 7693DDD1-AD96-4537-A875-9346F36A30A4

American Gothic
Singing their number one jingle,
“Liberty, liberty, liberty, have you heard the NEWS today?”

Tribute to Mel

Tribute to Mel… in Aramaic, of course.

So, the ceremony took off… without a hitch. Mike Barnicle, representing Bank of America, walked the canary in the frame to the altar, where Reverend Jabouki Young–White [and the altar boy du jour] performed the arranged engagement.

The Education of an Idealist

SHE apologizes for Talking While you were at the A.T.M., said Sam Power, and “Oh, the humanity,” John Bolton just received a big ol’Publisher’s Clearing House smile if he delivers his memoires before the 2020 U.S. General Election, according to some guy after the Education Sessions of an idealist, called Susan Rice.

The Black Pear in Red

The Black Pear in Red… EYE wants it NOW!!!

Coming up on the 5th Hour, “Oh, Carolina”, with your host, Brian Williams, in for Steve Kornaki, on the New York’s EVE to the Twin Towers Anniversary, and in the words of the 45th President of the United States: Congratulations, Manhattan, you are OLD enough to Smoke, but not AGED enough to drink Moscow Mitch’s special Rand Paul Kentucky bourbon

... but EYE did stay at

… but EYE did stay at a Holiday Inn.

… Congratulations, America; now you know what SHARPIE–Gate means to the Poles in Poland.

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