2da mitad: jazzafip is not what it used to bee…

In true Diva fashion,
FIP Central Station is just rollin’ in at La Porte d’Orleans.
Oh, the humanity.

Don't shoot the messenger

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Please Stand–by for argument:

Exhibit: One

Exhibit: One, sponsored by Johnson & Jon son’s pocket change.

— For the record, let it bee known that previous to our most recent récépissé, all possible documentation and/or supporting claims had been presented [to Brontis à la préfecture] including the one that required me to provide, to Room 1151, a DNA sample, which I then refused to provide, and which lead to the graphic approximation, RENDERed by our favorite “Cabby” on the frame above (↑), period

— For the record: here are the events that “transpired” on the 75th Anniversary of some D.A.T. liberating Paris from White Nationalists. FIP CENTRAL station, IN TRUE SNOWFLAKE FASHION HEADED TO LA CÔTE D’Azure:


Of course, or rather, naturally, on the day after the meeting of the Big Kahunas in “the” South of France when a LEGAL Drug Pusher GETS a slap on their STOCKHOLDER’s bottom “red” Line, and their stock actually goes up, why wouldn’t trust-fund babies go to Queen’s Victoria’s secret Back Yard instead of saving a patch of trees and a block of ICE.

In local news:

Vilma Fuentes killed Campbell’s Soup kitchen.

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