Dear, Peter Baker… || Breaking News

Dear, Peater Baker (Sir)… i thought that you were shorter, but you are taller than Donald Trump… in Washington: Cousin Joe, at 13h13 in CET, called his lord & savior, a diva at the Temple… Jesus fucking Christ!!! —oh, The Humanity, period


Raquel… you are probably wearing my TimeStamp.

De cualquier manera and for The Record, let’s catch–up with Quentin Tarantino, —in the role of a most “exceptional” PROSTITUTE wait!? What, said Madge on Second base, Eye thought that Alex was nothing more than one of them Donald Trump wetbacks ( Sean Penn, dix it) that the 45th president of the U.S. of América hires (under the table) to fix his financially bed-bug ridden G”8″ resort…

Vamos juntos

“… Jersey a rayas”, period

But FOist, Ponce braces for News Channel 4, where Donald Trump “construction company–TYPE” crushed a brown man to his Kingdom Come, meanwhile in Paris, the Tziganes are preparing “bal” and ordering Maki for take–out.

Previously on the TELMEX files

Previously on the TELMEX files, Vilma Fuentes had to run back home to call la redacción en La Jornada…

At the Rockefeller Center, a very Ugly Mexican is jamming the Audio Signals; hey Sam Stein, put your sombrero on, You Bad Hombre, you. And don’t forget the dangling “fuzzy” participles for our Pundit at Knotts Very F.A.R.M., casi esquina con Duck Tales Western Ranch.

Playball, motherfuckers, let’s dance
Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound, What’s on Second and, Who is on FOist. Naturally, —period


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