jazzafip is not what it used to bee…

Just Jæcking with the Luc's à Chez France 24
Issy c'est Balard

Issy c’est Balard… wake mí UP! When Miss September Ends.

Now a days, Niño Luc, it’s just a bunch of Fakears ; followers of una putita named Johanne… o algo así. Eso, of course viene directamente de La Boca del restaurant de France 24 international.

Eye is covering shortstop

Eye is covering Shortstop ; lest you forget, Niño Luc.

Niño Luc, don’t make us hate you. I will fuck You Up. Let mí Digress, and you, Niño Luc will know what i, Armando Segovia, mean, —no pun intended.

It all started, most recently, on your August 25th jazzafip dedicated, of course ( check your jukebox buttons) to the Liberation of Nice. Nowthen, Niño Luc, previously and for the record, i had relinquished the need of your publicly-funded LOGO (fip on a pink Square) as a “COTEJADO” for a TimeStamp for BRONTIS à la préfecture ; remember D.A.T., Niño Luc?

Entonces pues, Niño Luc, Sunday evening we [the staff] check dis’OUT:


Dos neceCIUDADES: Su Mercé.

BUT FOist, i, armando segovia must go to la Ciudad de las Dos NECESIDADES, Chi & Cago. So, Niño Luc, REStEvoir ça… ISSY, Niño Luc, « pressure” is KNEADED para exprimir la Siguiente, entrega; it’s “pissaladia” con anchovies o algo así.

… TimeStamp: 19h53 in post 2019 G7 NATO Thymes, —motherfucker— Öüï’ll bee right back with NOBODY, covering the Field for Camilo Cienfuegos and our favorite pundit: The Purple Pundit, who is out from the little-FOUL mouth’s box, and PETER BAKER on Line M4 will not let U.S. lie (and/or Rest-in-Peace)… all of the above must be read in a BRIAN WILLIAMS voice.


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