Dear, Marianne… à la Gloire de la llamada French Liberté*…

O como dicen los muy franceses-esos, los del “(extrait) del Art. 2 de la llamada loi TOUBON DU AOÛT 1994:

Bring It

Está Noche Es “Noche Buena… [y mañana, Napoléon] es Navidad:

NOTE TO Historicity editors:
The following INTRO must be read in the omniprésent VOice of roast-master General Jeff Ross… in the role of motherfucking ∴ GOD ∴ himself ; and for the record, dear Roast-master leader, Cardinal GLICK requests the presence of MOTHERFUCKING AUNT “Becky” on the Full House pilot episode of your maiden show, —pinche puto— ¿What’s up with DAT, motherfucker? ¿Is College’s NOW all of a sudden overflowing? 

[the School of 2nd Chances


… [A]hora en su trigéSÍma segunda edición.

goes here, but in French ; of course.]

Any güey Marianne, tomorrow is a holiday and your offices will be closed, and being that the Temporary Flyer attachment to my issued « Titre de Séjour » expires this WeeKend ; and…

after the break, more TROMBONE!!! we want TROMBONE 📎📎📎

Pg. 2… en Veinte Minutos franceses, por mientras amable auditorio que no nos lee:

Wait for it...

Wait for it… Ventimiglia, wait.

Hasta La Victoria, —modesta— siempre… we can do this standing on one leg, but if you insist we could book the bionic showgirl, this güey, you kill two mocking birds with one stone!!!

It's a work in progress

It’s a work in progress: 51BC2507-D8AC-402A-B481-A889CA898A21 •|• See You at Omaha street, casi esquina co el Hªl Fernando Vidal Sassoon (an Anti – Poison Ctre… or  something like that). Actual chantier site nº 33, but we think about You.

It’s a Wynn Win situation franck. if you go with the bionic model you’ll bee streamlining la flecha del gallo de nuestra dama de parís más allá de la eternidad, it’s going to bee a «singular” moment, mí querido Franck.

Randy Newman was right all along

Randy Newman was right all along .: E1A6CEBF-414E-4453-BFA8-027F06A10015 :. “Short fishes people ; have no reason ».

The old roof is going to look like a sponge bob decoration on a fish tank.

Live from Our Lady at

Live from Our Lady at Buttes–de–Chaumont n° 19… it’s:

eye guarantee it, but only if tou you put a s.E.A.L. on it.

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