Ladies on Gentleman… the following must Bee read in a Vince Scully voice

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That's right, you're not from Chavez Ravine

That’s right, you’re not from Chavez Ravine:DD8C9A96-4FF5-4A9F-B575-A97A415E3438 •|• … [B]ut Chavez Ravine pays its respects; from the Couch that used to rock on what is now Dodger Stadium’s Third Base, or something like that, on the Buena Vista SoCal Club.

It’s Baseball as it ought to Bee!!!

Live, from Fenway Park(ing meter) at Nº 3 rue Godillot (93400) France ; just in front of La Image (del Chavo del 8) Commune en Saint–Ouen, it’s the 7th Outing Stretched. Buckner is on first, and Cousin Joe is watching the ball game at the TOC Site at Omaha Beach near the “Maryland” breach line casi esquina con “Les Berbers Bretones”, which of course is a cover band for the “Mighty Mighty Bosstonnes”.

"You know...

“You know, they H.I.T. you harder when Ewe C.H.E.W. Em#,” Mary, Wife of Abe, —lo dijo mejor. Neta que Sí. PLEYBÓL!!! Macaneo follows.

Mean, while ‘The’ General Elect–Ricks exit the Hexagon’s diamond we [the staff] leave The American Century behind, and welcome Yo’Ass to Rieleros de Alstom Underground Series à La Seine.

Sol, Sol, Sold

Sol, Sol, Sold. A bag of Peanuts and the Cracker Jacks are O.B.S.O.L.E.T.E.

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