Give a monkee a mirror and he’ll think he’s Dorian Gray, eh!

Good morning Y’all—today is Friday, the 11th of May of 2018, and the good thing about this Blog, ‘compadrito’, is that the 45th President of the united states, no lo lee; el muy PUTUS, ¡eh!

Dorian el mono… Yup, the good thing about this most inconsecuential blog is that Donald Trump doesn’t read this blog. In anycase, a very unorthodox strategy to get peace and three hostages released from the North Korean regime, congratulations, and what a move of bringing’em in at 03 hundred hours, Sir. Classy move; now motherfucker we [the people] hope that Ewe know how to play Sanyou Qi, or “Three Friends Chess,” eh!

Welcome… it’s time for The Mother of all Weekend Editions with Special Guest, Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez in the role of Adrien Brody.

There’s a loose bull in the sky, and Morante de La Puebla traded in his Traje de Luces and his Estoque for Orion the Hunter’s Greek Hoplite and a short sword para Cuadrarse en Close-Quarter Combat… toe–2–Tow—Baby! Toe—to—Toe, con El Toro orbital.


Coso: Bullring

Cuadrarse: When a combatant stands in front of the face of the opponent; on the other hand when the opponent stands still but firm.

Diestro: Any skilled practitioner of an art or a trade, but it is usually reseved for the Best Matadores of all time in bullfighting.

Estoque: A sword specifically designed for a Diestro that can strike a bull on the crest and drive it straight to the animal’s heart; in the wrong hands, the bull has to horns specifically designed to go into a belligerant human’s gut, or Culo.

Hoplite: Greeks warrior‘s outfit

Manolete: Best Diestro of los Cosos of the old school.

Morante de La Puebla: Lo mejor del actual momento en cualquier Ruedo.

Ruedo: Round or oval space where the bullfight takes place between Talking monkees and Mooing bovines.

Traje de luces: guess!

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