INTER mission — the bull in between the light

Lugar: plácita Honoré Champion.

Lined-up: Voltaire, Taurus right hoof, and the Sun… “so it goes.“

…sountrack provided by Chet Baker:

Hola WaPo… check it out, in between the time that Stars shone their rays all over the Red Carpet near a nice dear place for the Staff, a Black hole located in the galaxy of little orange men spewed a belligerent Orange dwarf, meanwhile, as that event horizon was happening, back on planet Earth, the Solar System was already in the middle of a scheduled Rendez–vous between le 6émè Arrondissement and The Sun… this is to say, Jon Meacham, that in between 19h57 and 19h58 in Central Institut de France Time, a Bull got in between a great Show of Light à la côte del Mediterráneo [del Gran Joan Manuel Serrat… “de Algeciras a Estambul”) so, instead of Light what the world is sure to see in the coming months, is yet another great flash from a bullheaded man… Morante de La Puebla, urge tu arte para torear un toro anaranjado, aunque se le advierte, Matador, de que ese animal pesa más de 1000 megatoneladas de Uranio y/o Hidrogeno.

… Say, Jon… may i call you Jon? Of course i can, Ewe have That Thing that “they” call Southern Hospitality, a complete 180° from the Georgia Peach meets Maple Syrup incident, eh! Anygüey, Jon, if an equinox is commonly regarded as the moment the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun’s disk, what might you reckon that the moment when the center of the Sun’s disk passes through an illuminated earthling object might be, eh?

Sadly, with the news coming out of Washington, there is not but only one thing that the staff can do… yes Ewe! its time for another edition of: Piss Art on the Streets, with your host, armando segovia.

Now, before we [the staff] go and get the past eight hours or so of our choosen media, (asphalt and the urinary tract processed remains of a Cabernet d’Anjou, 2016 rosé) we are not sure if our host is going to go with Zappa or La Gioconda, non-viewer be warned, eh!!

Huh, who would have thunk it!

It’s astrophysicist and photographer with a SIGNATURE sound: Dr. Brian May:

Piss art in Paris… “Keep Yourself Alive”.

TimeStamp, Brian Williams—it’s the 11th Hour in Central EUROPE Time.

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