Dear, David Icke… big fan of “Rowdie” Roddy Piper here

Dear, non–readers of this most inconsecuential blog, we [the staff] regret to misinfom Ewe, that because the world today, Wednesday May 9th of 2018, woke up with absolutely no News to tell, we’ve decided to instead write a Public Service Announcement dedicated exclusively to, The One and Only, Mr. David Icke:

Sir, you are wrong.

We [the staff] believe that when it comes to shapeshifting cunts and assholes in the halls of power, you Sir, confuse your reptilians from your swines.

With all due respect to the porcine species, the following is “the” real story of  the origins of  where the Shapeshifting Swines come from… stick around, because ancient scrolls in the form of our Original Idea*, which we coined as “Piss Art” will reveal a shocking truth that will explain the reason for there not being any news to report on this most peculiar Miércoles… sorry Mexico, but with Macron’s reforms, which kind of mimic Peña Nieto’s reforms, and with all the graft in–and–around–and–up–&–below the House of Trump, that ol’ saying of: COMO MÉXICO NO HAY DOS! —that saying, “Cielito Lindo,” it no longer applies only to you, Corazón.

*… yup, we [the] staff are time travelers also, por ejemplo, Raquelito, in Tijuana México right now it’s 8 in the a.m. in Pacific Fleet Time.

Previously on asegovia3:

Dear, Alex Alter @ The NYT, part ii … sur les jupes de La Bruja de la Odisea.

Yup, if Trump knew the coordinates to the Isle of Ææa [book TEN] he might begin to understand where his DNA is rooted from, eh.  }-—-~~~*>  Piss art is courtesy of a bunch of winos à Paris — Visual effects are from the coloring pages of “Piss Art” by: armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018; this is a work–IN–progress, eh!

                                 “How his naked ears were tortured By the Sirens sweetly singing¹

Did you know that it was the French, who actually went ahead and invented: Cream, and for a brief period of the ‘60’s turned Clapton into God?

So, legend hast it, that the lineage of the Trump’s in power can be blurred back all the way to the middle of the Bronze Age [Troy VI (c. 1750-1300 BCE)] after the end of the Trojan War and the homecoming of a black-vessel sailing warrior named Ulysses, perhaps you’ve heard of him, Ginger Baker’s roadie invented him, Jack Bruce sang about his Great Tales, and Clapton with just one pedal wha–wha’s the hell out of the Sirens song; logically, by triangulating the fact that the Frogs, through a bicycle chain shift mechanism called the “Disraeli Gears”, the French forged ahead and invented Cream’s second, but most popular album according to some rag called Rolling Stone, —tablet— or something like that. Sure, some might argue that because “White Room” is the heavy hitter on Cream’s third and final double LP, and that “Crossroads” is the cherry on top of Wheels of Fire (1968), Disraeli Gears (1967) should fall back to the back of the charts, sin embargo, Willie Geist, Wheels’ was clocked–a–Rolling and doing 205, while Disraeli by it’s own merits occupies the 114th position of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, but you know what Willie? Fuck the charts, for all intents and purposes Disraeli Gears is the greatest Cream of three Crops —period!

… anygüey, David Icke, over at La Quinta y Mezcal™️, (that’s a notorious Bar in Tijuana that hasn’t opened it’s doors to the public just yet) it is still not Mother’s Day, in any case the staff here is timeshifitng the stem of this vessel towards Aztlán… TimeStamp: 08h45 from an abandoned villa just outside Fréjus, 83061.

En Tijuana faltan 15 para un nuevo día y luego DIEZ para un nuevo México… TimeShift is courtesy of iCandi Apps®️



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