Let’s Do it! — “Everybody knows” —people in Cannes do it

… Of course Ewe’all know that it was the Frogs who invented the perfect complement for the 7émè Art, eh…

Le Suspense! 

When « Goodfellas meets C-SPAN »… a film by Jon Meacham }-—-~~~*\>  Boy! i tell you, that Meachum guy can really hit’em out of the park, De Palma couldn’t come up with a better mash-up of what’s his name, Rudy? Scorssece or Scorsesse, oh well, who gives a Francis Ford Coppola fuck about. Tell me, Rudy, who does that Meachum fellow play for? Rudy, can you find out if that One-liner slugger is a lawyer… maybe Jon is a free-agent. Come’on Rudy, Fly! Get on it and stop looking at Ivanka.

… TimeStamp: T-minus 30 minutes before Fenster the Copy Editor shines à La Côte d’Azure; and One and a half hour before the Trump and Rudy reality show.

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