Breaking Brokaw’s News

… We [the staff] interrupt our:

—Spc. Che, Counseling Report.
—John M. Ackerman, memoire.
—And the DACA Debacle.

… to bring you this report about Legendary Correspondent, Tom Brokaw.

Dear Gral. Brokaw,
With all due respect, what the fuck was that about the Ciudad Juárez–El Paso Borderplex?
Lines of factories (Chinese maquilas) that provide housing to their employees? ¡Neta Kabrón! We are not talking INFONAVIT here, are we?
I personally witnessed this in 1995-96 during my tour at Camp Casey (high on cocaine; and all that good stuff, Casey Jones was the real deal man… And that Filipino bar hostess da-BomB) man, i miss those days.
Anygüey, Gral. Brokaw, i’m going to have to start my troop-leading procedures for when things just don’t add up…
Yup, Gral. Brokaw, i’m going to have to cross check this with my friends at LA NOTA NOSTRA y el puente negro en Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua, Mexico) to see about this apparently new labor deal development; after all Gral. Brokaw, it was the unusual hours and the distance traveled for factory female workers, which eventually factored in, as you know, into the formula of “la cosecha de mujeres” and Jay-Lo’s ‘Muertas de Juárez’, movie.
BEST REGARDS, and admiration,
Sgt. (p) armando segovia
PS… Please tell Cousin Joe that during last years holidays he already wore at bathrobe and slippers to work.

… and you know what, BSir-Chevalier: Zita Arrocha, professor [one-each] at UTEP, won’t let me lie about context like this.

FASHION REVIEW 2017 follows… Watch/Read this space.


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