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Lunes, 9 de mayo [el día de Europa] 2016
por: Staff

Juebebes, cinco-de-mayo-2016

You’ve got to pick up every stitch…”  |   Well, almost every  “stitch”  as my English is not British enough to audition for the role of “Male” in Paris, and i happen to be way too ugly to pass for a “Female model [as required]. Still, i gave  the beatniks  the open-mic gig a try and  so  i  volunteered  for  a  night.  On that particular Thursday Carla Drysdale* was the star of the night; but no offense, and for the purpose of empathising with Maddow’s existential angst**— Moe just happened to have hit all the right notes… and just for the record: i’ll take 100 Seasons of a witch*** to one single Donald Trump presidential term [just saying]. Remember America [sin acento] come January 2016 2017, you’ll get the government that you deserve.

In the next segment: Bernie Sanders asks Mr. Peacock’s emissary: who’s your daddy?… stayed tuned for more Comcast news and analysis. Right now, here’s Senator Al Franken, moonlighting as Moe [in Paris]:

Moe:  ex-pat [correction…] expat,  poet,   crooner ,  serenader, and  through  no  fault of his own an involuntary Al Franken doppelganger. Live from Paris… it’s Open Mic at Culture Rapide.


"Madness, they call it madness."

“Madness, they call it madness.” Via: One Step Beyond… http ://www .madness .co .uk


* PLU Open Mic featuring Carla Drysdale, via: http ://parislitup .com /plu-open-mic-featuring-carla-drysdale/

** TRMS, “Last one to leave please turn out the lights.” Vía: http ://www .msnbc .com /rachel-maddow /watch /maddow-performs-anti-trump-republican-anguish -680435779743

*** Donovan in the voice of Julie D. Vía: https ://www .youtube .com /watch?  v= dCKZPEleI-U

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