Los huevos de una lobbygarquía

3 de mayo, 2016
París, Barrio XX.


Uso justo de los medios. Cortesía de El Guardian, CNN, y por supuesto Los Revoltosos en París… Today, the first lecture of a controversial labor law made its way to the French National Assembly… Context follows.

Meanwhile, back at Rockefeller Center INDIANA gets to decide who gets to play for the Republicans during the General Election in November. Inside the other barn, Bernie Sanders, says fuck it [not really] and stays committed. The underdog in the American Race vows to go all the way to Love Park [in Philadelphia].

Uso justo de los huevos... Uso justo de los Medios.

Uso justo de  los huevos De Los Medios.

After the break, a gathering. Right now there’s a meeting at La Place de La République…


Race for the White House [SuperTuesdayUpdate]:
…Keith Richards is rolling on his stage…


The competition is brought to you (in passive voice) by Ultimate Classic Rock… http ://ultimateclassicrock .com /keith-richards-donald-trump/

[TimeStamp: 03h26m CET]… Donald Trump Seals INDIANA, still no word on the democratic [blue] side of the race.

Apparently, the Trump Campaign bought the rights [to] Tattoo You.

[03h43m CET] Breaking News: Trump & Sanders wins [each] Indiana. All focus on Trump…. so go ahead Chuck: Just start talking*.

*Brian Williams—super tuesday’s Quote.
Accept your reality.

[03h50m CET] MSNBC finally plugs in [the Audio] to the Sanders campaign:

Uso justo de los medios.

Uso justo de los medios.

Across the Atlantic [TimeStamp: 04:20]:

Trumpism 2.0 | Uso justo de los medios.

Trumpism 2.0 | Uso justo de los medios.

Have a nice week…

Calling-for-Unity… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes. Copyleft.

Calling-for-Unity… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes. Copyleft.

But before we go… Dear Chris Matthews*, regarding your CUBA comment: do you know who else [beside Fidel Castro] was “a commie”?

Answer: Salvador Allende… and the U.S. killed him.
When will the U.S. put Mr. Henry Kissinger ON TRIAL.

*As heard during the Special Edition of Hardball for the Indiana Primary Election.

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