La mezquindad del presidente Donald and his wife

Ms. Trump if you’re nasty…

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii .:. 91E3D751-657A-446A-9676-1842D52AE7C9 🕜 https ://youtube .com /watch?v =EXJx2NnnxA0

Nasty Trump!

🎶 What is Lo que es — Rock Steady, baby

🎶 What is Lo que es — Rock Steady, baby .:. FD4F8F2A-B809-4D6A-BD32-9BB0E1B7CF89 🗺🧮 “You cannot petition the Lord, —with Prayer!”

Ladies in Gemini, this is not a Hoax;
this here is:
another edition of
Adventures in Transliteration.
With your host,
WordReferred RAE Reference
… on the Webster (MD) front.


Deer, Richard Lui @msnbc:

Azar means Chance… Eye knows, Eye knows, it’s not Fair, Dr., but what are you going to do when all is quiet on the Roman Front. This message is sponsored by Frosted “Lucky” charms.


In Local Motion soon–to-be Known News:

What it is — What it is

What it is — What it is .:.

Eye will get to witness how the GEARS of an Election process under distress in France work, too bad D.A.T. nobody in America reads this most non–consequential blog. Happy Voting — CENSUS 2020 follows.

Chasing the dragon

Chasing the dragon… only on in Wonderland, where else!?  America—The more you know.

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