Thing Two… but FO’ist! Cousin Joe will bee watching you.

Indeed, Purple Pundit, In•Deed, Judge Amy is now Associate Justice Comey. Thank you Lincoln Project republicans, —fans.

and now... the rest of the story

and now… the rest of the story

https ://www .vulture .com /amp /article /snl-season-46-episode-4-saturday-night-live-adele-hosts .html

But seriously, Willie Geist, did Cousin Joe really wanted (earlier in the transmission) to talk Synchronicity, or did he just called the Police on Shaggy? C’mon, Man!!! What’s next, Bjork doing favors like Olivia Troye is doing on Deadline!!! WTF, Mike Barnicle. But worry not, Mr. Snoop Dogg, please have a Corona, or whatever it is that you might be catching right now, Eye will be breaking the CHILE to you here shortly but right now, Öüï, is going to play wingman to a Vulture on the SNL because it’s TWUE, but it doesn’t matter, if the “satisfied divorcees of [the] tourism ad that (Adele, Kate McKinnon, and Heidi Gardner) seemed to [have] been discussing some tropical island quite a bit smaller than Africa”, the point is Cousin Joe, now you know WHY STING wrote that unforgettable wedding song… because Eye can assure y’all: It Wasn’t MÍ.

WITH D.A.T. in mind, don’t forget that the International Time Zone witch•ah•ma’Jigg•it is out of Synch until the World Clock Syndicate realizes that Day-Light Savings Times is a sham, like the latest supreme court install.

As öüï deal with the Gnomes and Gremlins who continue to tap-Tap-tap on our transmission, like waves that pound on (La Chalupa*), a bald-headed Ho just released an adaptation to the post-Hillary Clinton enthusiasts, the title is Fluctuat nec mergitur, or “come hell or high WaWa”.

After Öüï catches up with the TimeZones, Heidi Garner takes on the role of Mrs. Comey, stick around… you won’t want to miss a piece of this pi.

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