Oh, hey Alicia Melendez… you look (you know) on deadline

But you will never be Claire… stay with Mí, wait, wait…

And while DAT happens check this out:

… [A]nyway, John Heilemann, you can’t handle Jes’up! But in all seriousness, the country should have CONVICTED TRUMP while in office. Donald got away with a Murder on the Dance Floor… the only thing that Trump as president is going to be good as is as a bad example. That Is All… and probably a terrible library.

Convict Mitch McConnell and his wife, or Rush Limbaugh’s microphone, and stop masturbating; leave that to the pro’s. With more on that let’s bring in Donnie Deutsch… and don’t you dare channel the inner-BriWi on Deadline! Have a nice weekend Mr. President.


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