Previously on, The Face of Ohio and The Game of Chairs

… [A]nd in the role of Super “Doc’ta” Grover, Öüï has the honor of introducing aspiring Ohio Book Club Player: Jason Johnson (Ph.D.)

Quick programming note to the pessimist East of Ellis Island, “enjoy your moment of Zen”, and Mr. Thurston (Sonic Youth) please remind the “futurist” comedians at The Daily Show that 1990 called and he instructed the Ohio Players to get up and get-get Get Down 911 is a joke in yo’… (Music Stop).


“And when at last the work is done,

don’t sit down it’s time to Dig another one…”

… [O]ver on the Dark Side of The League, Roger Bennett is a happy “quaint” sentimentalist today as European soccer had its “putsch” moment right on time for pubs to open back for business.

The echo from Eddie Gloude Jr., on today’s edition of the Mika Show kind of, sort of… reflected a wishful thinking reminder of what it would be like to have an Officer Chauvin moment with a Reagan era “war on drugs/just say no” conversation.

Of course that would be analogous to comparing Nicole’s homeboys known as Raider Nation to a bunch of rowdy rosbifs… and by rosbifs of course Öüï means the ‘hinchas‘ de los hooligans, who like the Raider Nation consumer like to think that they (the fans) own the team for which they cheer [just rewind the streams and look how pale Roger Bennet looked just two days ago] when in reality like the link below relays, “they are status symbols for their billionaire owners” (punto y coma) but at least the Premier League consumers are willing to bring down the club if the club is taken away from them, as opposed to the Raider Nation who simply need an excuse to tailgate together and cause havoc wherever they go… i mean, The “Las Vegas” Raiders, give me a fucking slot, —MONEY:

“New car, caviar, four star daydream
Think I’ll buy me a football team

https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /sports /columnist /nancy-armour /2021/04/20 /european-super-league-us-owners-find-greed-doesnt-work-europe /7310165002/

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