Nippleteasing with Colin Jost — Hear Mí out Franck, it’s a MasterStroke

Attention, camp; tonight’s movie is about a Panda gang bang on  Winnie the Pooh:

It's a put—on

El Libro Vaquero.:. 9B11621D-B00A-4B2F-96E3-1BF5ACDBD9D2 •|• It’s a put—on.

But first, a Young Bobby di Niro plays WAG THE DOG.

Choir preaching Music:

Episode 3, when Che went to Calabazas to find a Target, and Che found her.

PSA nº 2019 💤

PSA nº 2019 💤 extra until Spring

Deer Lorne Michaels, please relay to The Rapper on right now that we appreciate the release of the 3 for the Sox in the Chi.

Right now, Europe is on a One–hour delay until The Werewolf figures out how them “Roman Blinds” work, in the mean Thyme, while former general Michael Flint sits in jail, a San Diego (for profit) news show is working hard to release that traitor from JAIL; the defense strategy was IMPORTED from the biggest Mexican thieve’s market in the Whole Wide World, people who Gknow call it Chicago

… call it Tepito and yes, it is infested with Gknomes. In fact, some asshole is training them Gknomes how to draw little gknome pictures, with their filthy little gknome hands. Oh, the humanity.

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