Fox and Friends… S’tarring—The Reverend Al Sharpton

For the record, you Coq suckers already HO’id about Cousin Joe’s “tarantula” peluda on today’s edition of Mika’s Brazilian expédition to a cancelled Mardi Gras in Rio, well, it’s knot one of those, Denisa, {in CET}

My, maï, Hey, hey…

— [A]s a matter of fact GO’ill de Niza, the GO’ills at El Paseo de los Rosbif’s, won’t let me tell you a lie… Para Dummies, because in Hilo, Hawaii, {Io (en Jupiter), Quiere Luz de Luna}…

Meanwhile, as that developed 24 hours earlier in the Sun’s rotation, Cousin Joe was just looking for a friend; NOW that son-of-a-bitch might have three hours to spare on Mika’s Show, {and} if youse are knot in the loop, please refer to last Friday when Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough the 🥉, told Katty Kay to, and Eye quotes:

« quote, Shut the hell up, this is my show, » end quote, period

For more details, because Eye Swears, that Öüï is Knot making this up, visit LE BOULEVARD, and Eye quotes:

http ://www .trouveragence .com /generali-assurances /1870-agence-generali-nice-06 .html

« quote, JOSEPH, in NICE… casi esquina con La Promenade de KATTY KAY, » end quote, period as always, is brought to you by VANIA™

Los Amigos de Fox

This here is, [Ewe’r gonna love this… tú times,]

El Carnaval de Niza , ya que todos los otros valieron Generalli [Verga, and EYE swears it’s 🕳️