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20 de agosto, 2018

Once again, we [the staff] insist that No Cucarachas [we repeat] No Cucarachas Were Harmed in the making of this most inconsequential blog, however, The Truth—and nothing but—The Truth was eviscerated by the legal counsel of the president of The United States of America.

Next on Meet The Press
Chuck Todd gets a Sir David Frost moment
on an associate of the latest

In Central Europe
it’s One Forty-five…
and Mika has the morning off.

Parlez vous pop? Mee likee da’ Tutti–Frutti del Italo–americano au cœur de l’Amérique.

When we [the staff] return we’ll digress back to why going back to Reagan’s “morning in America*” should not be a Focus on the development of the current American Spectacle… and no Bill Maher, we [the staff] would not trade a reddit front–page for any version of The Bible on your show.

TimeNow for the DayTime part of the 4:20 hour on the Central Europe Time.

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