It’s the bottom of the second and Seth Meyer is at the plate

Over at the Ozarks, Elise Jordan is playing tea party and serving Johnny Cash and El Che Guevara like Colin Jost serves tea to his pretty little dolls.

Line drive to shortstop

Line drive to shortstop .:. CED04560-64C0-4C20-9FB8-A34A5FF5BE7D 🚣🏽‍♂️ … banjo playing Martin picks up the ball but fails to get Mr. Meyer out, runner on FOist.

Over in Washington, John Bolton is playing the Role of Kellyanne Conway’s wife. What a patriot. Looking out for number one is the title of his next mémoire, a political thriller that asks the fundamental question, is aged beef better, Jack?

Paul McCartney, of Death Cab for Cutie’s fame doesn’t thinks so, but The Walrus is willing to bet Lucy’s diamonds and swear on a Gideons bible that aged cabbage is.


In•deed, Michael Steele of republican fame is at the mound and he just rubbed the palms of his hands like a 6th grader trying to get the ink to flow down to the ball-pin tip of his pen .:. C87003FA-C4F5-465F-9981-6E838A0ECC54 🎟 Our station signal’s identification disclaimer is forcing us to relay to our non–reading audience that all images from third-party screen-grabs are a Fair–Use–of–Media in the study of current events for educational purposes.

An old rookie playing with a funny sounding nomenclature just got called–in from the farm, Josie Duffy Rice, a mac and cheese hater just mimicked “El Bambino” pointing the tip of her Louisville Slugger to Centerfield. Seth Meyer on first is giddy like a tea-party hostess, Duffy Rice taps the plate con el tolete, Steele sends a fastball, Duffy-Rice swings and that motherfucker is sent into orbit. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Neil Gorsuch coaching from third base sends a signal to the mound; it’s the tip of the hat for a pitch well sent, as the Washington Supremos just scored two runs against the Comcast Rockefellos.

The furlough

The furlough, after Duffy Rice’s homerun, Brians William was given a pink-slip by the republican Richard Steele for failing to complete el ceviche campechano de autores en el libreto de la Jordan de los Ozarks.

And just to close June 18th with a proper bang, stay tuned for, “It’s the bottom of the first” after today’s double header between Los Supremios contra Los Rockefellos. On tonight’s episode Mr. Schmitty answers the age-old question: what do you get when you mix the African diaspora with a tribe of chichimecas, apaches, y criollos?Is it possible?”

TimeStamp: 20h in HST with 138 days before the next power check, Meanwhile in Paris at 20h in CET it is now a mere 137 days before öüï learns if NATO is going to go the way of disco under a Motor City Madman ax and bow.

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