And starring as El Aníbal… mister Washington, of course

In local news, Eric Clapton killed Jimmi Hendrix and the fucker fled to Mexico, more on that with Katty Kay at the BBC.

Across The Atlantic, down Mexico’s Güey, “Sleep Numbers Mattress” McCartney was waiting for the Slow Hand on the clock to hit 20h mile mark to smoke a Japanese joint like some cat from Cuernavaca.

And if Ewe’ve Eva Bean (🫘 ³) then you probably know that in México, that city is where los tacos orientales were invented only to be turned into a burrito (🌯) in Grenoble by the French.

³~. Eye has never bean (🫛 ) D.A.R.E..

Any hoot, Paul’s broken a glass but that is not a problem because his very own Sleep Number mattresses are very rich, so he just bought another one for the memorial.

Sweet Child Believer of Daydreams of Mine 🌹 WHERE is YOUR PEGASUS† now?



~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pegasus_ (logiciel_espion)

³~. por nada señor Alberto Nájar, POR NADA! Saludos al doctor Francisco Daniel Abundis (malgré del TEC de Monterrey) en su entrevista. 16h50 (CET) OCHO de la mañana en la CDMX.

En tres años, aumentó 12% el trabajo infantil en México

Page Two:

The settlements of ZION, I am going to have to re-evaluate Bob Marley’s lion, not because of the melody, I Dig Love, and first and foremost I like my foreskin, let’s get that out of the way from THE ADL*, secondly, nobody is saying that Israel does not have the right to its own land, or to defend it, I guess what the MORTARS are saying is that ISRAEL does not have the right to manage GAZA like a CONCENTRATION camp, so yeah, nice Gate you got there, BERLIN.

*~. Anti-Defamation League

Support your local NETºANYAºWHO genocide control units

Howard Johnson : They say that now, in Paris, France, EVEN AS WE SPEAK, Louis Pasteur is wondering about the following…

It’s a sad thing that not so long ago, weeks at most, protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu flooded the main streets in Tel Aviv and other assorted biblical metropoles, because if re-elected, which he was, Israel would begin to see how Bibi would step over Israeli’s citizens rights.

Think of it, gentlemen, did you see any footage (in real time) from those anti-Bibi protest where Israeli citizens would reflect on the old GERMAN ADAGIO,  « first they came for, yada, yada, yada, and I ONLY WORRIED ABOUT MY Abrahamic Laws and not of the neighbors’ plight » ?

Vulgar Display of Circumcision… Happiness is a warm schaWARma, ma’.


What a HECHT, Lieutenant Colonel… you started this, your “peoples army of Israeli bullies, BULLIES,” I repeat… of BARBARIANS who mutilate newborns did this. Not Palestine. Palestine Did Nothing Wrong.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre… Joe Scarborough is on Vacation, as usual in Nantucket eating kosher shrimp and gentile pigs.

But don’t worry, Katty Kay, Cousin Joe is eating the “good” kind of PIGS, check it Out, it was BURT LANCASTER’S favorite band before Mister Elizabeth Taylor went the way of The Field of Dreams, in Oh-Hi-Oh… not necessarily at Camp David, Ignatius.


*~. Now according to Jewish Scripture, lobster (especially the Athenian Rock Lobster delivered by the B-52’s) is not KOSHER, but leave it to some Abrahamic Mainers to develop a “pronounced fondness for one of this state’s [MAINE] signature dish,”  according to the MAine Jewish History Project… fair enough, but the makers of that Colby College project swear that those same Abrahamic Mainers will never eat pork, another forbiden food, but, and it’s an interesting but, those same Abrahamic Mainers will dress-up like a pig and beat the crap out of any-given-you.

… any how, Katty Kay, you were there just a few episodes ago from the Field of Dreams live stream — lawnmower and all— HECK, Lieutenant Col. Hecht, WILLIE GEIST had just noted on the spot back then that none other than Burt Lancaster had played his final role, before it was curtains for him, as the good medical doctor to Kevin Costner there.

The film (Field of Dreams) does not show, IT!, but Mister Cleopatra 🎬🎞️🎬🎞️🎥 was there as an undercover doctor of the Hoover boys, also known on the TeLeVisIon as the G-men. People laughed when I noted this back in 1973, but as usual White Anglo Saxon Protestants where all full of Ford and his OCTANE from the Middle East.

Meanwhile at the TELEMUNDO headquarters

María Teresa Kumar is covering for Avi Velshi who broke out of the spin room D.A.R.E. and is now somewhere in the vicinity of Carolina North… or was it South‽ It doesn’t matter. Over in Aruba, the son of a Spanish parliamentarian in the EU and Venezuelan opposition leader is looking for a “coyote” to take him to Madrid.

https ://elpais .com /internacional /2020-10-25 /el-lider-opositor-venezolano-leopoldo-lopez-llega-a-madrid .html

Evilest place on Earth

Evilest place on Earth .:. E5320BA0-F354-4C75-8C4F-69E42901858E 🐊 Preliminary reports from the Velshi indicate that following Lorde Lorne’s advertisement for AFRICA, JOEY, Chayo and Tere booked a flight to LAGOS and the departure stub showed no return date.

Be on the lookout for a cowboy hat wearing Canadian, probably Dazed and Confused, and possibly chasing The Amy… or something like that. At the Rockefeller Center, Maria Teresa just got stung by the Ron Burgundy teleprompter syndrome and el Santo Oficio has given her a penitence of 5 (cinco) Rosarios, y un Amy Maria.

You might notice (if you squint effectively) that on the dentil above, and as promised, Alicia Menendez is not a happy camper and that’s because Alicia could not go on the aforementioned trip to Africa because somebody has to cover the Dissonance at the Supreme Court.


Escaped cloned female mutant crayfish take over Belgian cemetery 🦞 Because ÖÜÏ literally can’t MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!

Fans of the show will note that California democratic senator, Diane Feinstein will not be getting a shout–out from Alicia Menendez considering that Feinstein is credited as single-back–handedly giving the SUSAN COLLINS baton to Lisa MURKOWSKI; the one difference from the COLLINS approach is that Collins is a blow-up doll for the Welfare QUEENS of the GOP*, while Murkowski is a strip club hostess with a strap-on Dildo on a hotdog bun… and she just used TENNESSEE as a tray.

*The Republican Party


For those wondering where in the World is Cecily Strong, rest assured that she is doing the Lorde’s Work, indeed, the SNL diva is in Spain celebrating Catherine Deneuve’s birthday. Cecily took the trip as an opportunity that because now, more than EVA, la concha de Catherine debe adornar lo alto de la nueva flecha de Nuestra Señora de París.

https ://smoda .elpais .com /celebrities /catherine-deneuve-fotos /100394381 /image /100394383

Bonus Track:

No canta pero como grita!!!

No canta pero como grita!!!