Hoy por ser día de tu santo… Hoy no hubo Jazz, Lupe.

BEHOLD! Latin ex~ers… the one name that does not need to be put into any SEXO category: GUADALUPE³

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip/les-musiques-de-leonard-bernstein


Vocal Score: América (West Side Story)
Page 72, 73, 74, 75 (Tempo de Huapango, fast) 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81,82, 83… 88 (7a, America to Drugstore; Change of Scene; Instrumental, tempo de Huapango —fast.), 89.
Based on a conception of Jerome Robbins

Au Mexique, la mort de Vicente Fernandez, idole de la chanson populaire, bouleverse le pays (lemonde.fr)

7. America (Anita, Rosalia and Girls)
Cue: ROSALIA: That’s a very pretty name: Etcetera
Moderato; Tempo de “Seis” (repeat, ad lib; under dialogue until cue.)

Boosey -n- Hawkes 2000
Bpi: 3 7504 00242333 1

Eye See CHANO, Lupe.

And, أيمن محيى الدين²… Youse Knot foolin’ any PINTOs, baby, Oh-là-la, vato

³.~ Unless you happen to be “GUAD” Venegas on at msnbc public relations GUAD; Guad what, motherfucker? GUAD~alajara, WAD~ALA_Xara?


².~ Égypto-américain Radical, and former BFM’er TV intern, Ayman Mohyeldin, want proof °? What’s your poison?

Adventures in TRANSLATION {false friends} INTERN in SPANISH is the equivalent of a prisoner, or what Charlie Sheen calls, THE CALIFORNIA RAISINS PINTOS

I see Chano, —CHANO POZO.
Chano de América con acento.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /The_California_Raisins

18 de septiembre, 2020 — La otrora Cuarta Transformación

Cualquier parecido con Hermann Göring is probably better explained in the Wikis.

Pg. 36 L'embrigadement nazi

Pg. 36 L’embrigadement nazi .:. A751B1DF-7F90-4527-BF7D-6AAF7115A5AB 🏛 Documentation Photographique de los años 30’s del siglo 20.

… and in Washington, playing the hidden Right-Hand of the pianola, the president of them united states of america issued an Executive Chancellor Order establishing the Deer Leader’s Montessori school of the americas, and to christen D.A.T. vessel, little Wilbur Vassoughian Mohyeldin, is done with the letter “Z” and he is ready to go all Greek on the horizon… ¿AGUAS?

From Left to Right

The Poles are Talking .:. C7B84F7D-052E-42BD-9ED1-182005FC3ABB 🗺 The Little Basterds… all of them were “boy scouts”, except for Little Mikita (a.k.a. “the cookie pusher”)… jump to Page 2, for the rest, —of the story. 2️⃣ He was called a loser by the Party and he was shun by the high brass up the chain. In the picture, a young Brian Wilmer (recovering after the prisoner exchange with “the enemy”) shows the Deer Leader’s Montessori school newspaper board the clandestine gifts that “the enemy” bestowed him with before departing the demilitarized zone. —_•!•_— From left to right: Little Mikita Brzezinski, Rolo LeMire, Little Joey Scarborough the III, and the one and only, Willie Geist. 

… [B]ut FO’ist, the staff remains at–large, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo has been tasked as a sort of bouncer at a dive called, Suspended Reality.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/09/16 /que-grite-la-economia-peter-kornbluh-4109.html

“Ese hijo de puta, ese Allende hijo de puta”, exclamó Nixon en una reunión posterior con Korry en la Oficina Oval. “Vamos a aplastarlo”.


… no se vaya, “porque aun hay »;

And of course, Al3ister Crowley… was a fag

Happy birthday EVE (nu) “they” day, Baby Jesus!

The perfect holiday gift

Critical Thinking. The perfect Holiday gift .:. 90CB7DB2-10E6-440E-A1E5-5B1286675FEB •£• Chapter “F”: 90CB7DB2-10E6-440E-A1E5-5B1286675FEB •£• Section “F”: Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.

“Magick in Theory
In Practice”

It’s High-Noon in Central Nato Thymes, in the year of our LORDE MMIXX, with Ay Man Mo Hy El Din and Alex Sorkin on the Witt network.

First Up is our new segment, GODWIN’s LAW Para Lelos (y Lelas También).

Like Clockwork for dummies

Like Clockwork for dummies .:. 01622C28-0C0F-4572-8714-EDC745DDF000 •^!^•

Our first segment takes us back to Fort Collins, Colorado, where this most non-consequential blog was conceived  in 2009. It was in that beautiful “Powder River” where we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] first heard the word “Alt–Right”; birtherism was about to get INAUGURATED and from our Crystal Ship, we reckon that the Rise of Donald Trump to power coincides with the 100–Year anniversary of what Wikipedia claims was the Rise of Adolf Hitler to Power in 1919. It took that son-of-a Bitch 13 years to take over Germany, and of course, the heart of Vichy, here in France; Franco in Spain, The Pope at The Vatican, Il Duce in Rome, and Hirohito in Japan.

… It’s an End of Armageddon Blowout Mx-Más, for this most Festevus “They” Day.