Breaking The News, New York City is now, in a State of Emergency

Incompetence and a Four–day Weekend.

Over at the “What’s in your wallet” waiting room, the Fugazi crew just reminded the President of them united states, that the Insurance LOBBY is only going to pay for what they (the board) needs, not what the average Stupid American bloke thinks that his comprehensive coverage and Donald Trump promises are going to meet.

Working Ho's

Working Ho’s .:. 70D6A0DD-2E6D-4A42-B8C6-8ACAB0D42997 🦵🏻 Who’s gonna look after the oldest profession in your block?

“Youuuuuu dirtyyyyyy Raaaaaat!
Billy Sparrow

TimeDelayed TimeStamp from Rockefeller Center is 16h20… smoke’em if EWE got’em, and yes! Bogie, you may Bogart D.A.T. Joint and keep that Corona for yourself.

Later on C-SPAN 3, it’s a “Debbie does Disney on Hulu” marathon. Synopsis, Debbie breaks the democratic election process of 2016 and Donna pays for the “process”.

She fucked the process

First she fucked the process — then she did the Nation .:. 6E30818C-0CB8-4F46-B5CA-F21EE3894EA8

C–SPAN, better than porn for junkies.

Wednesday, June 27th 2018 — Thank you Debbie, Donna, and James

It’s official, GERMANY has never been able to win in Russia, and thanks to the devastating news of Justice Kennedy retirement from the Supreme Court, it’s becoming pretty obvious that the neo-KGB strong arm of the old Soviet Union are going to be influencing the way that the 45th president of the United States of America makes his choice to replace Justice Kennedy.

Hey, Chuck Todd… here’s to your Republic.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Donna Brazile
and the one and only

for giving away the country in Your Motherfucking Ambition for Power.

Fuck You, and all that You Motherfuckers represent…

YOU FUCKING POLITICIANS. Personally, i fucking hate you, you worthless pieces of shit!