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“Die! Die! Die! My darling don’t utter a single Word”

La nuit blanche follows.

But FO’ist, it is imperative that Lawrence O’Donnell at The Last Word know, that i, Armando Segovia, is under 50, ISSY, don Laureano, Eye remembers very well the moment when The Dakota news broke from Miami on a Monday night… i also remember that a little underage hooker inspired The Catcher in The Rye, or something like that… please re-calibrate your numbers because your statement about the Pope being shot, wait scratch D.A.T… about the day that a press secretary* gave The White House press corps a room to act like gad flys to power, should be made to those WHO are under 45.

* Note to peacocks: no crack baby under 45 remembers WHO Ronald Wilson Reagan was.

Just the facts, Ma'am

Just the facts, Ma’am .:. D8662AA2-4AC7-454F-931B-0B12F2826B7E 🗿

P.S.: Deer, Cousin Joe, you know what, —motherfucker— RONALD REAGAN doesn’t even remember WHO Ronald Reagan was… and you know D.A.T. Zeppelin goes here because it’s true.


Breaking The —eye told you so— News

The Trump family and their close associates caught the COVID-19 virus.



This is to certify that the President of The United States of America Pursuant to the Authority vested in him By CONGRESS has awarded THE


Established by General George Washington at NEWBURGH, NEW YORK, August 7 1782.

President Donald John Trump

For self-inflicted Merit and for Wounds received at one of his most-consequential rallys.

Our thoughts go out to all of the military personal WHO have no choice but to accessorize the 45th Edition of E Pluribus Unum, or Out of One Many… or something like D.A.T.!

On both sides of The Atlantic

On both sides of The Atlantic .:. 57FDCF3C-C5F0-430A-B74E-A97CDF7BACF4 .:.

News of that diagnosis was rapidly spread around the word and shook no one by surprise, in Paris, the Siren Den marked the occasion with a so-called Soirée FADO (en Inglés, off-course) instead of Jazz… Oh, The Humanity.

In El Ey, perhaps it was our most recent reporting of the L.A. Times apologetic manifesto to migrants (in general) and the news that Florence Cassez returned to a life of body snatching that the editors of that news organization chose to cover the story of La Banda de Los Abuelitos Secuestradores de El Monte (neta que sí).