Meanwhile at BFM’er TV… From La Madd Cow Disease to La Grippe Corona

o como dicen los hindúes:

¡Qué Viva Eisenstein! — Chicago, Chicago.

BREAKING NEWS: Walk Like an Egyptian

Our man in Cairo

Our man in Cairo… he was “our dictator” not like that Fidel Castro, CAT!!! .:. CD63400A-073E-45E6-9139-E523E7ED01DB 🗽📡📎📐🕉🃏

🎶 All the kids in the Market Place say
Ay oh Güey Oh, Ay oh Güey OH
Walk like an Egyptian…

... [W]hen in ROMA

Il Postino… [W]hen in ROMA .:. 50202BCA-A9AE-41FB-95D1-FBE69DDEB05D 🐇 Con tu permiso Marianne, Marianita de las MARIONettas: dear, Marine Le Pen, Madam, Eye does know if it’s those baby corn dentils that you sport as a «grill » mais, ta gueule, Señora, makes me want to fornicate with you like an Animal con una Cuarta.

Dr. Philippe Juvin*, reports live via satellite from L’archte 1–2–3 in Nice.

*Professeur de médecine
Georges Pompidou European Medical Center

——- Musical Guest:

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