Ceremonial Award — Opening Act, enter Ms. Dior

The following screen-grab must be read in a Brian Williams Voice…

Good Evening, we begin our itinerary along the banks of the Ebro River, and our guide for this journey is a man who at his prime, could make anyone wearing the badge or insignia of Francoist Iberian Peninsula, –and its inner circle– tremble with fear. Indeed, from Guadalajara to Valencia and all the way up to Barcelona, “la banda de El Mexicano” was, to Spain’s small farmers and factory workers, the “avenging justiciero” that… [Brian Williams audio gets cut off].

Kasie Hunt can be heard over Brian Williams silent talking head, his panel of four is aware that the headline that Brian is reading is out of whack.

Kasie Hunt:
—Wait, what? Williams, what a heck are Ewe talking about, eh?

Brian Williams:
—We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties, our Laser Rock correspondent seems to be trying to get our attention, we switch it over to her.

The Kids Are All Right… Mika and Joe got tied up at ‘The Boys Room‘, they are running a bit late, so Kc-Dc and Heilemann take over the BriWi Troubleshooting duties. Mean while, in La-La-Land Donald Trump is pardoning Rosanne Barr… or some thing like that.

Brian, I think that you are confusing your Magnesium supplements with your Gymnasium membership.

—Excuse me?

—You are supposed to be talking about the National Sport whose capital is Guadalajara –México– not Guadalajara, Spain.
You know, Brian, you are probably one of those people that reference “Cielito Lindo” during the World Cup as being a Mexican inspired song, eh!

—Well isn’t it?

Kasie Hunt: say there Chief BriWi, are we on Peyote, Shrums, or plain ol’Acid?
Brian Williams: Uhhhh, come again? It’s actually this thing called Sotol.

—No, Brian, it is not… there is noSierra Morena” within the Mexican mountainous ranges… puras Madres, pendejo.
You probably grabbed the wrong script; the one for next week’s book review from the collection of “Life Stories”.

—Oh, Crap! You are not silly, Kasie. I mistakenly grabbed the one from the bin labeled “El Mexicano,” I knew that my segment was supposed to cover a dressage of Mexican female riders from Guadalajara, I just happened to breeze through the abstract and Guadalajara popped right in front of my eyes…

TimeStamp: Oh, Dear Louis; There She Goes… in Central Siren Time.
It’s the 18 hundred hour block in CET

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