… and on the 357th Day:

The president of The United States of America spoke and “Shit” came out of his pie hole.

The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice:

Bonjour, at Rockefeller Center it’s still Thursday, January 11th of 2017.

“A first,” indeed—and the Land of the free has added a new word for playgrounds and classrooms in America (sin acento).

Sin comentarios…

Actual TimeStamp: 23h55 EST

Issy… stick around, because in Santa Barbara, the 11th (pm) Hour is just about to make its rounds on an area described by La Semana Que Philippe, Labró como un “paisaje de desolación”, luego de un mes de incendios y ahora con los lodazales que han destruido la región, que ni siquiera perdonaron la choza hollywoodense de la mismísima, Ophra Winfrey.

Pictured pie hole in this frame is not the actual “Shithole” that Donald J. Trump has for a mouth. •__• Foto del fragmento de La Semana de Philippe Labro fue capturada por: staff.

… The good thing is that “Normay” just secured their borders with the brand spanking and, fictional, “F–52’s” that the Commander–in–Chief just sold to the Normeegians!?

Las horas de ahora… Actual TimeStamp is: 23h10 PST on the PCH.



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