¡Hola! This is an Inter-mission


It’s all in the Thyming, y’all 🥁… badum Tish 🥢… I Call this OBRA : DEVIL INSIDE with a Twist of Hutchence 🏄🏼 🪢 👹.

Hoy no hubo Box… out of battery, but Öüï will recharge… stay tu°ned. In the mean time of a streak of mexicanidades, el platillo es SURTIDO, y en la BATERÍA de Cocina the KITCHENWARE is beating LA BEATERÍA de Andy García y la policia del Pueblo de AMLO. Antonio 🥁 Sánchez 🥁  está en el banquillo de los cueros.

Si Estela fuese Canelo… there’d be no fuzzing and fighting, but because Estela is not King Canelo, Estela gets the shortest straw, more on that at 11, but what are the odds that fip.fr is being hungry with a full belly.



Coman CaCa… because remember, raza 🪶… dos cosas pueden sera ciertas y/o verdaderas al mismo tiempo, por ejemplo, don Rey Canelo, en Hilo, Hawaii, es ya de noche y aquí en París, Francia, todos los taqueros andan desvelados y hasta de amanecidos a las 9h de CET con Luna semí llena y Cucharón contento, sponsored by, El Tacontento❤️.

No I did not, period! But if you want my info, just ask… COME AND GET ME, faggots.


Note to editors… it is Thomas Courbillon’s fault.

But let’s not focus on that fucker, ping pong y’all! I got a vortex to Vegas vía La Plaza de Los Dos Pueblos. Now the only true thing in LIFE MAGAZINE is La Lucha Libre, and just in the NICK 👹 of Thyme, President Joe Biden whips out his big ol’Penn University Pen and pistol-whips the Republican Party into irreverent hilarity…

It’s all in the Thyming, y’all 🥁… badum Tish 🥢… I Call this OBRA : DEVIL INSIDE with a Twist of Hautache… it’s more than a feeling.

And, To°Mas° de Cour-billon, you don’t need no astrofarian suit to get through that ring (cuadrilatero) you just have to be willing to wear an inflatable SUMO wraslin’ latex suit. 🥢🥁🥁🥁🛎️

Pots and Pans y’all
O como dice el chef:
🥢 Oigan Ollas 🥁 y Sartenes 🍳… and stay off of that deep fryer, patate 🪘… you have no business with them 🍗  drumsticks 🍗

Right now, King Charlo is about to take a bow to Rey Canelo El Justo.

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