Mi amigo “el tordillo”… that’s a nice chink you got there


I pitty the Fo’ who thinks that this trip is about Cocaine… Sally.


Go ahead, Jerry Brown… rebound this Governor and disrupt the snare and bass with an ♪-ball and riders on 32nd Street. I tell you what though, in local news, with that stencil on the ground I reckon that Stephanie (Gavotte) is going to be needing a different BOWto hammer them strokes into a martellato

Les nouveaux croisés : symbolisme et rhétorique d’extrême droite contemporaine


Now I don’t want the intelligentzia peruana del CROUS de la 3 rue de Mabillon (2011-2015), en especial a los admiradores de Mario Vargas Llosa, to think that I am playing a different tune. It’s the same if your “excellencies” factor in the FACT, that Évry thing from La Comedie to l’Académie française was conceived by the imagination of the devil of Loudun, the good ♦ Cardinal Richelieu. So bear with me que yo no soy un pinche ‘literato’.

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