Armando Segovia, bringing you to theys ghosts of Tomorrow

³~. Based on a ballad by M. Peyroux and Mu°ham°mad° Ali

Día Mundial contra la Rabia, de la rage que da ravia contra rabiem

Do Knot Attempt Stop-motion at home(less).

°1932 : Víctor Jara, auteur-compositeur-interprète, professeur, directeur de théâtre chilien ( 13 septembre 1973).

Howard Johnson:

[1895They say that now, in Paris, France, even as we speak, Louis Pasteur has devised a new vaccine that will obliterate Rabis once and for all. Think of it, gentlemen, mad bitches and deadly bites, a thing of the past.  

Let’s recap³!

Theiss-es thesis pp. 82-83: d’Aubignac hasterisks*
* The abbé removed the poetry from Seminary School and changed the scenery to SKID ROW, and thus killed Matt Daemon.
* The abbé delivers a speech at the current Siege of the Ministère de l’intérieur and properly gets a rejection letter from Richelieu’s Immortals Académie. Before engaging in such public act, d’Aubignac had to clear the road of misinformation and fake news surrounding the controversy surrounding Cleopatra’s skin color and her racial background. The abbé however, was not the first to have disputed Homer and with that winning the political disfavor that followed, enter Zoilus of Amphipolis, a Cynic but not like “el perro immortal” and Académicien, Mario Vargas Llosa, Zoilus was a Rolling Stone and his Number One New York Times best-seller was aptly titled, “Fuck Homer and the poetry of hobos”, also known simply as, “Against The Poetry of Homer“, Theiss-es argues, that his anti-Homeric engagement at the Alexandria Public Library made  of Zoilus the laughing stock of the Alexandrian court of Ptolemy Philadelphius. Zoilus was stoned to death for dissing Alexander The Great’s number one poet hero.

It’s 1634 and I hope that I am wrong, but Governor, it seems that the objects that are stenciled on the ground are closer than La Mancha than mister Collection Pinault might think that these symbols are.

Öüï (that motherfucker) is celebrating the birthday extravaganza celebration of the killer of ‘blackbirds’, the one-and-only Louie XIII, and as is customary on The Road To Hell jamboree of this caliber, today’s JOUST is between:

Pannonica Vesica — La Justa medida.


Team Die Toten Stahlhelm  (White Évry thing)
Team La Mancha (Ingenioso hidalgo on Rosinante)

This joust is not a jest…


Jump to mañana, I’m Sirius and you are not.

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