Ibid… Susana Pubeda walks into a bar

[Susana screams at the top of her lungs as she kicks the cantina’s Doors open]

— 15’s my limit on schnitzels groovin!

— Cut!!! Who let Susana in?

Cardinal Phang! Fetch The Comfy Chair…

But seriously, what are the odds that Denis Soula would fit Terry Gilliam into the MINI that I was about to deliver on Sunday night (to close the mariachi weekend and kiss Mexican Monolith Month 2023 into the books) and but with a vulgar display of French tauntiness Denis Soula proceeded to celebrate her Flying Circuses Mass. The GALL, France, —The Gall!!!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /rencontre-avec-cardinalefang-inquisitor-visionnaire

Check the date, Susana! Check the date bay-bee. I had a MADRINA³ set to deliver the limo 🇬🇧 sine at the 11th Hour on Sunday Night, but mister Soula just had to contact Torquemada, himself.

Mini – Madrina³, not to be confused with mini madrinas de la policia judicial mexicana.

³~. Car hauler / transporter or góndola madrina, but don’t take my leg-work or worst, mi mexicanidad for, IT!: https ://www2 .proz .com /kudoz /spanish-to-english /automotive-cars-trucks /gondola-madrina

From the Anne Sinclair 1989 files en l’Emission Sept sur sept , but in the voice of French president Emmanuel Macron last night on the Rugby Channel de France, dit TF1:

Ya chole con tu pinche miseria… o algo así

No Insistas, Susana!

It’s what Donald Trump calls shithole countries.

Öüï now ketch-up with Victor Hugo as he was moon lighting as one of the Two Gurus in Drag at the Amsterdam Hilton. Susana Puveda stars as Yoko Ono.

 “Now, get seven million, five hundred thousand votes to declare that two-and-two-make-five, that the straight line is the longest road, that the whole is less than its part; get it declared by eight millions, by ten millions, by a hundred millions of votes, you will not have advanced a step.”

Victor Hugo in,  NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, and other assorted love songs.

If you are just joining U.S. it’s the 1870’s 1850’s and Victor Hugo discovers spiritism while kicking it in Jersey, dude even had like a weekly special on the local colored radio station where he talked-to-the-dead. Victor Hugo would contact Macario and then talk to a range of luminaries such as Diderot, Jeanne d’Arc, and of course Shakespirito Santo.

And starring as… James Patterson, Augusto Pinochet…

Long-story short, Victor Hugo would go on to criticize don Louis Napo°kitten³ III for supporting the war in CRIMEA and for visiting London Town. But the thing that got them Rosbifs mad was Victor Hugo’s criticism of Queen Victoria’s relation with El Conde, AUGUSTO PIONCHET… remember now, Pablo (i hate that fucking name*) Larraín brought forth the proposition that Augusto was a fucking vampire, which EYE MIGHT ADD, such proposition was released during “LA NOCHE DEL GRITO” on 15 September of Last Week To They… en Balard, coincidence, you betcha!

³~. His actual name was Napoléon Le Petit, but let’s not forget that don Napo III was also a pussy.

*~. https ://www .diverto .tv /actualites /cinema /el-conde-cest-quoi-cette-comedie-insolite-qui-debarque-sur-la-promenade-des-anglais

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