Hoy no hubo Phangs — The unity of the Abbé d’Aubignac’s time of Homer’s place and the culture of the action on the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris

Unity :

PSA from PUB-3-MUS-016 at the Bpi


‘member now time now is the 1600’s in Paris, France, and in Loudun Town, Cardinal Richelieu starts the hunt of a chaplain by the name of Urbanus Grandier for the high crime of criticizing the good cardinal. Of course King Louis XIII could not just send in the dogs for an issue of FREEDOM of SPEECH (which didn’t exist yet, if you get my point) so the good Cardinal Ximénez, who was in France at the time to oversee the Pope’s visit to Marseille, where strong anti-monarchy vibes are taking place, suggested Witchcraft meets Downtown; now to make matters worse for The Crown, The Pontif is in Marseille to visit a boatload of Donatis°tes from Africa.

https ://www .huffingtonpost .fr /france /video /migrants-in-marseille-pope-francis-denounces-the–fanaticism-of-indifference–



Place :

Hola, guapos…

To celebrate Mexican Independence They³ (in Nantes, hoy²) at the Bpi, da’Man, José Lopes re-constituted the dang-on système des tickets at The Doors. Plan accordingly and remember: Big Brother, Julio Pirés, is watching you.

with that in mind and, with the proper references not necessarily the « FIDELIO » password, Öüï the staff now return to The Ursulin’s convent in Loudon Town where one of their own is acting up like  ‘a cat in heat : on a grey oyster’s shell’ , o como dicen en ROMA, « La Gatta in calore : Grigioperla », The Pope had his own man keeping an Aye!, on Richelieu and his name was Vincent Dæmon Furnier, of ALICE COOPER’s notoriety.

Papa Poule at rue Carnot recommended the inn. Cardinal Ximénez was already having supper at the mesón next door.

³~. 16/09/2023

https ://www .bpi .fr /reprise-des-tickets-pour-entrer-a-la-bpi/

²~. 23/09/2023

https ://www .helloasso .com /associations /comal /evenements /fiesta-del-grito-nantes-2023

A Child With A Noose… ONE KNIGHT ONLY with special guest Erika Voodoo.


Where were you while We Were Playing Sax 🎷

Musical Background, Third Eye Foundation, and mister Matt Elliott, don’t shed a tear 🎷, I do not chose the angles, I just relay the Dun Dun Dun – Dhunnn ! (1X).

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.


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