… and in Paris, France, Denis Soula is exponentiating, as Öüï speaks, Chlamydia

Happy Father’s they… It’s Juanito Guanavacoa’s Refugee Day.

Casablanca — March³ of 1976… Destroyer. Side one, track Three… It’s a magick nombre even in French.

Breaking in Paris: The Sky… and Susana PuBeda, what Tati is youse talkin’Bout? In any case scenario stay away from Denis Soula, that there motherfucker’s got Chlamydia.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /rencontre-avec-macha-makeieff-autour-des-b-o_dejacques-tati

{and} the

Trou 🕳️ to form, that motherfucker… nevermind, i forgot. Eye tells Ewe Dough, you Flamby Basterd’… Denis Soula’s got Chlamydia, that’s FO’ schu’Shugga.

Des-bo_de, is Boricua speak for des-boR-de, as in Overwhelmed.

Que no le digán...

Que no le digán… y que Susana no le cuente, there are only one {set} of Tati’s on this blog and them Tati’s belong to La Kerschovas.

https ://www .unhcr .org /events /world-refugee-day-2023 followed by Mercredi’s Own Music Party all over the HEX.

En la madre! Shugga Howlers!!! The Spaniards are going to Lu’Ziana, en ⚜️ Orleans. Mercy Black Cats are just a figment of your superstition.

Why Francisco Belmont only hangs around with South Americans with German last names from Chile and Argentina is a figment of Adolf Hitler’s emancipation. (Blank, Krantz and Ka)

And SoFy Velasco… all réfugiés are USEFUL IDIOTS, pass the Ticket-resto and leave Jako Pastrami en un rap facho en de rfpp.

Page 176 ¶’s 3 and 4… Mon Incontinence, continued:
From the petition¹, I retained “daily life, homelessness, WOFA, and me the WFA“, the observatrice² who carries around her norms, her inclinations, her aversions, her fears. No matter how many « and / or’s  » I’d insert between these three entities, I couldn’t construct the object, I didn’t know how to cope with the “vastness” of these nobodies³ that follow one another in the ordinary course of life. I spy on the snippets of my daily life that cross paths with people on the street, and all I perceive are a multitude of incoherent moments that follow one another and escape from the social field where, for a second, I thought I could pin and thread them down⁴ without even saying between two categories, but simply between the mentionable and the unspeakable.
To dodge the obstacle, I could take refuge in the production of statistics on the 150-plus people that I dealt with⁵ in the association during my eight years as secretary: gender ratio, mortality rate, average age… sadly, such was not the request!

Faltas de ortografía es un chinga a tu madre… If youse a grammar Nazi on the Juanito Guanabacoa Show.

https ://lyricstranslate .com /en /yaco-conspiranoico-lyrics .html

Hoy por SER día de los padres, China tu madre, Juanito Guanavacoa… ISSY-los-générales chinos son como los L’usos³ 🇵🇷 Valen Verga tú y los que allí están.

De la demande, j’ai retenu « quotidien, SDF, et moi l’ADF », l’observatrice qui trimbale ses normes, ses inclinaisons, ses aversions, ses effrois. J’ai beau insérer des « ou » et des « et » entre ces trois entités, je n’arrive pas à construire l’objet, je ne sais comment affronter la « vastitude » de ces riens qui se succèdent dans le cours ordinaire de la vie. J’épie les bribes de mon quotidien qui croisent des personnes à la rue, je ne perçois qu’une multitude d’instants incohérents qui se succèdent et qui s’échappent du champ social où j’ai cru pouvoir, l’espace d’une seconde, les épingler, pour se faufiler, je ne dis même pas entre deux catégories mais simplement entre le dicible et l’indicible.

Pour esquiver l’obstacle, je pourrais me réfugier dans la production de statistiques sur les plus de 150 personnes dont j’ai géré la présence dans l’association pendant mes huit années de secrétariat : rapport de genre, taux de mortalité, âge moyen… mais telle n’est, hélas, pas la commande !

Page 176 ¶’s 3 and 4

En el espacio de información, Francisco Belmont narra sus experiencias en la frontera entre México y Guatemala donde él cogía y violaba a voluntad, sus palabras de él, y no las de Mia. Y esa, señoras y señores a de ser la razón por la que Amnesty International y las naciones unidas (según él) lo adorán… a él.

Llamar a Francisco Belmont un sicario institucionalizado sería caer en una cubeta Conspiranaca de cangrejos tamaulipecos en Guatemala.


³~. Rusos if youse from the Extreme Extremos de rfpp . net… Bola de putos Manda’lin, y hoy por ser día del padre a lo mejor hasta MANDILONES los muy hijos de María Félix en el rol de JUANA POULE.

Ladies in Gemini the following is a public service announcement.

The Shameless Inn…


Chlamydia. It’s an old word Öüï knows but if youse gonna dump papi at some cheap old afternoon jazz joint please bear in mind that Chlamydia is the number one number {set} on this senior home holiday, which is why Öüï advocates for sex education courses at all senior retirement centers dives in Paris, Texas

En fin, the Paris Prefecture allowed Juanito Guanavacoa to put on his RUSSIAN  PROpaGanDa ON the French dime. (¢). The fact that the Marianne fund (we now know) … funds misinformation on rfpp is just part of the puto Bartabras “Mozart” on a horse 🐴… show (en el Facebook®️).

Don’t call IT!, a Requiem, so pena que Serge Gainsbourg sucks a Con’s dick.

And, Susana PubEda… Ewe don’t wanna see these graphics. Ewe is in it. Eye is Sirius… Denis could not handle these, what with his Chlamydia and Ow’ll.

And in the role of Doctor Didier Raoult, Francisco Belmont, en forma de rap con un cangrejo 🦀 que marchapa’tras… O algo así.

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