Previously on, “Immigrants… dos motherfuckers. By Javier Sicilia.”

Entonces, don Sicilia, de seguro no se habrá de acordar de aquélla vez cuando en el sagrado Gran Palais, usted me fulminó con los rayos que le brotaron d’esos IrIs mExICaNos culeros suyos.

1. tr. Asentar algo sobre una base.
2. tr. Apoyar una cosa en otra que sirve como base o punto de partida. Basó su acusación EN pruebas contundentes.
3. prnl. Apoyarse en algo como base o punto de partida. ¿EN qué te basas para afirmar eso?

Siren, something has come between US, and those new BooBs just aren’t Ewe… Green Corn to NOFX. In the frame, El Espíritu Santo makes a cameo for the Greek audiences in Seoul, South Korea.

For the dossier à la presse étrangère, eso fue cuando el señor Ulloa y don Harmodio coordinarón en La Embajada Chilanga de Longchamps, “un divino suspiro,”  en forma de postales milagrosas dirigidas hasta Los Pinos.

Over on Deadline, it’s another edition of, “Lock her up,” lock Nicolle up!!!

Let’s see, one half coached Sarah Palin, while the other opened Pandora’s box. The guy who opened the box got peas, and justice is the Karen of democracy.

Sources close to Charlie Sykes relay that Nicolle had a “get out of Jail free card”… off-Course she did, —off-course she does. Nicolle is an Orange County Republican Caucus card-carrying member.

The Little Mermaid is out of the attic… and she brought her toys with her. Special cameo appearance of los enanitos verdes.

Meanwhile at Capitol Hill, those amateurs, kill’em all. Send’em all to Hell, starting with Jerry Mahnder. And Gabriel Attal, do you know what the first thing that a totalitarian regime does on its population? They take driver licences away, GRABIEL 🕊️, that’s what wanna-be fascist first do. Just like Florida.

Over in Delaware… Home of The Credit Line State:

Got change fo’ a hundred?

Rib joint customer; I’m Gonna Git You Sucka!. 1988.

Basado en metal.

The Executive on the other hand is on top O’spaghetti.

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