Dear, Brigitte Macron… Señora Macron: presente

Viva, la France.

For the record I can put the toothpaste back in the tube… do not try this at home.

Based on the Happy Meal©️ tale of Grimaldi and Coudray at Le Village Enfoui de Protest Le Clown* sous la Dune de Jodorowsky.

Previously on “Nosotros les footnotes”:
³~. Ministerio del Interior ⚜️ 2012-2017.

*~. 🥸 Protest The Clown is none other than the ghost of Ronald 🤡 McDonald.

Deer, Brigitte;

I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, have been cautious enough to have never addressed your ass in this form before. The reason being, is that unlike my two (home) countries, your ass has no official position in the French administration, which aside from my “illegal” status pretty much makes us equal.

*~. Not really, but for fluidity purposes, Madame First Lady just go with the flow, youse gonna like the way that this river flows, Eye guarantees, IT!.

And, Madame Macron, some, with lesser grace than those edible Peruvian rats (they are cute as fuck) might rejoice in places that you, or any of your elite kind will never visit, or that you will where they will never read my post, …

… hold that urge

and officially, they might be right, which is why they get a full- retirement and RSA with Christmas Bonus, on their domiciliation mailbox 📬.

I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea my dear…

This is to say, Francisco Belmont at “la radio del pueblo” 106.3 fm en París, Francia, that… for ex-federal police 👮🏿‍♂️ niggers like you, sex, —Yes Sex! Is nothing more than a weapon, just like those Russian mercenaries are using it against a weaker neighbor… and as You French Cocksuckers in the Elite Sphere know, is The Ukraine.


With this in mind, LARA, Larissa, Bella… in an other time, and in another place you would have been bait, instead of a guest; do you and that faggety Plastic Vincent get my point, or would you like me to draw you a video?

Ask your current neighbors next door (the Americans), while your husband remains in charge of what comes-and-goes through la rue Gabriel next to la Places de La Concorde. Mention the code POLAND AMBASSADOR so that the brother-in-law at MSNBC can read it in his mailbox. Unless Of-course you would like me to draw you a video.

In the mean time, meet ROGER! And no, Roger is not a  rabbit.

The Return of Le Clown… Attack on Vacation Camp, “Les Écureuils”.

If your Hubby burns me, he also burns France as you cocksuckers know it. And no, Madame Macron, I don’t need a fucking gallery, paint supplies or, a fucking cinito mexicano like the one that your husband predecessor bestowed on the Mexican elite in Alfonso Cuarón’s hillside… Metro Line 12.

Sin embargo…

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