Over in Finland, a tale of Tati-bag-tottin


La coincidencia entre la visita del presidente francés a China y la de SU PAR de Taiwán a Estados Unidos hace más difícil que Emmanuel Macron escape a la “lógica de bloques” entre Pekín y Washington. Beijing denuncia una “provocación” estadounidense y promete represalias. 

³… ToºTéºMíºCAToºTéºMíºCA!!!


Cuentos Chinos en Tennessee, vía “Poderoso Victoria”. And Live from San José de Las Panochas, it’s “Atando Cabos”.

Tennessee… this is how Freedom dies. And now the Death of American exceptionalism and the Re-birth of A Nation.

https ://www .facinghistory .org /resource-library /outlawingopposition


Tuesday’s Gone, Happy Gilmore… tus they’s, —gone.

Classified liners.


For the record, let the Florida Federation of French Francophiles know that our correlations are KNOT necessarily designed to imply causation. With that in mind, keep on crapping on a Golden Toilet and flush the seat-paper liner with your load.

Aussi, I don’t select the news cycle, I only see the preliminaries ahead of the drop³, such is the case of that American Relic from the other THEY at that Réel 2023 film compétition at the Georges Pompidou Center… 🚽 📹 🎸.

https ://www .cnews .fr /videos /france /2023-04-06 /reforme-des-retraites-THE NEW GENERAL SECRETARY OF THE CGT SOPHIE BINET REFUSES TO ANSWER CNEWS

³~. Or as the old Chinese proverb DICTATES:
Before the shit hits the fans…

There’s Something About Dom, she’s probably just Moonstruck over that “average little devil ».


We find La Kerschovas whipping the Fin’s Special Forces into shape, not that the Fin’s Spec Op’s éléments need to be whipped into shape, but Denisa just got wind of the competition at The New School of The Americas en Churubusco, and Denisa is not about to let the Fin’s Special Forces be outdone by “los mamones tostados” de John Leguizamo en la pa’lte latina de América en Chapultepec.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /franceinter /podcasts /geopolitique /geopolitique-du-jeudi-06-avril-2023

That’s Bull, frog!

Now, if miste’l L’esidente from Pue’lto Rrrrico is knot reading this, then he should know that Benny Blanco from the Bronx is the one who snitch your Tigres del Norte moonlight act.

With that in mind mister Lengüizamo, allow Mí  to be the first to relay to Ewe lo que dice Pedro Navajas:

 [L]adies in Gemini, la version dominicana de MAC THE KNIFE 🔪 just boarded “la lancha”… Chanoc is already grilling a ‘los tiburones’ y en especial a TINTORERA 🦈.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /Pedro Navajas/ Acapulco Eternal Siesta / cut

Cigarros de Hong Kong.

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