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An Epic Tale, with Chinese subtitles in Cyrillic:

shǐ shī gù shì

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November 5-7, 2015
Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile
Chicago, Illinois 

2D: Creating & Defining the French Empire across Borders in the 19th Century
Chair: Rebecca Hartkopf Schloss, Texas A&M University
Trading Rules
Colonial Models for New World Spaces: French Reflections on Mexico, 1830s
Paul Edison, University of Texas, El Paso. Page 12.


And Charlotte Bibring, Eye is appalled that you would call “Jelousy” a dish best chowed-down while it is still hot… or something like that, Eye is off-course, paraphrasing or as the French loving liberal arts fellows at PennU say: reforMULAndoA French ‘ville mexicainein the Year of Mexico in France that Wasn’t,”… that was, for professor Christi Brookes y Los FRANCHUTES de Central Michigan University, without dangling a participle to the Western Society for French History 50th Annual Conference in Detroit ROCK CITY!

And at the PLATE: Ewe, bien sûr que Öüï!

Annotated biblio-screen grabs.

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Session 3: Friday, 12 de octubre 2012

Anglo-American encounters in the Fin-de-siècle… and other assorted “Miss America’s” tales.

Messaging France: Cultural Politics at Home and Abroad
Comments by: W. Scott l’Haine, University of Maryland University College
Scenes from the Paris Exposition Coloniale of 1931: and other Grand Palais Plywood Planks.


A French ville mexicaine in the Year of Mexico in France that Wasnt

N. Christine Brookes,
Central Michigan University

Comment by: W. Scott l’Haine, University of Maryland University College.

https ://french .la /alumni /n-christine-brookes/

This Cerro has not yet been rated. Coma Frutas y verduras and don’t FO’get la MíÉl

https ://www .wordreference .com /enzh /tale

5 de abril, 2023_ Pékin, Francia. French President, Emmanuel Macron, paid a visit to his French cousins in China and in the process, that motherfucker is going to pay a visit to Winnie-the-Pooh. Mister Macron arrived with lots of “hunny” for the-Pooh, and in return, his Chinese host (because unless France is a Communist Dictatorship, like China is³) presented mini-Jupiter with the left-overs from a recent Chinese Democracy Summit, where Russia’s Vlad “the nurse rapist” Putin was the Hunny-Bunny of that cumbre.

³~. Öüï can’t really expect the Mass Media at France24 and Penn State University to call Mr. Xi Jinping, President Macron’s counterpart, —his HUNNY Bunny? You Betcha!

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