The smallest fiction on Denisa’s pulp

From the makers of Stein’s Burnt Champagne Cork comes a new product:

call in the next 36 hours
and get a cookie chewed-up by Griezmann.

STEIN’S BURNT MESQUITE… Brown 🟤 up, fuckers.

O como dicen en CrOAsia:

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /la-quatre-saisons-n-est-pas-qu-une-pizza /souad-massi-6939936

Philadelphia: We Fell Love in a hopeless place, now is a homeless shelter, or something like that.


The smallest violin crying for that bass… 🎻 + 1

In local news, the prosecution in the U.S. v. Genaro GarCIA Luna has called their last witness and that’s it, The Chief’s celebrated as expected in Disneyland, because for all the bullshit about American jurisprudence, “membership” has it’s benefits.

Gooooo Navy! Sponsored by the Jeffersons in Paris…


In the mean time, Mercury wishes that her HighNess Dora don’t take this the wrong way, Öüï kindly remind you, bitches, that I am only a Messenger, Roger that?

Over at Franche-Musique… Those fucks go on strike for the right to play, “Fuck Your 64″, and Öüï déclare our love for pizza, but that’s only because Saskia went skinny-dipping’ in a Castillian aqueduct.


Any thing you can play … I can skip like a fucking puddle.


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