Moo-vin’ On, Eye is going to read James CAR Vile’s body Language

It’s The Economy, Man!

He’s a fucking Jarhead in a lizard suit…

But FO’ist:

Rachel’s jeans 👖 are tighter than Willie Geist’s smirk after the YANKEES LOST:

Heck! The Sunday “Jornada” here in France, where I am watching DEMOCRACY die from afar, the former Squeeze of “the economy” GURU (IMF†) just called the Return of The Dukes of Hazard, at the poles.

https ://www .lejdd .fr /anne-sinclair

†~. International Monetary Fund

The Audacity of Now, fuck Hope, she’s into Faith.

And he (CarVile) is from Orleans… Old Orleans:

Carrrrrr VILE 👽

… I’m with PBS.

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