6 d’octubre Tú Tau Send and Tú, —AUSSIE!

Yes Eye Khan.


… Öüï is experiencing unnecessary interference from the Tunisian security guard at the Olympiads Médiathèque, preliminary wires indicate that the Tunisian Kebab Syndicate did not appreciate our Kebab exposé… fuck’em if they are, as Metallica sings: Holy ER than DAO.

OUI Knew This… In Hilo, Hawaii, it is October the 6th’s Eve–esse.


… 🧜‍♀️ in this Section, the students of Sagittarius 🏹 must, Eye say again, MUST identify the mythical Chilango image of “El Gallito Inglés” on the Frame Below, if the student does KNOT know the text, just SHEAT from the inverted answer sheet at the end of this TAKE 🎬

See that KWAY (question Mark)… That’s me pissing on on the Temple. Consider this a “Remember The Alamo,” VOSTF…

Time now, Tú Ah GWARS a go-go!!!

Sirens and nereids, love bad boys who keep their Tax-Excempt TRUST FUNDS big and fat like you know what. After the break, SEMOLINA PILCHARD uncovers Leonardo DiCaprio’s love for pigmy sperm whales. Leo likes Em# rideable. It’s like love for scooters, Évry body loves to ride Em#, but no one will admit that they Do.

Must show work:

I Told You All, that it was going to be
🐔 double-header 🐔 

Note to students, if your dumb-ass is Way to K to understand Sentier Row, please refer to logic to Explain the Elephant Shape of Tamaulipas, and it’s correlation to El Rock del Été… pinche bola de nopales… no ofensa dirigida a los babosos del coro 🐔, period!

Extra-credit if the Russian-style apology on La Jornada; y MESA. mesa al quién me diga “quién”, en la Secretaría de La Función Pública got PAID to keep HER mill–Sandoval mouth.

Hey, Denisa!!! WATCH OUT FOR THAT Red Herring.

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