Atrapado… DOUBLE PLAY: Ty Cobb / Bannon

It’s the Seventh Son of the Seventh Inning and Baron Munchausen is at The Mound, SoFy Velasco is at The Plate… pass the biscuits.

Have a 🌵

En Hilo, Hawaii, la Luna está llena.

I see the Full Moon Reising… White Tribe Rising. GENERATION Brexit. 🌵 Throw a cactus at it, Benny Hill suggests PEYOTE.

It’s Primetime, Bitches!

Fly to the Angels, Cantero, LIZZYBETHII will be your flight attendant, and I Am Baron Francisco “Munchausen” Sarabia.

🤓 The Tupperware Boris Speech 🦌

Her, Majesty’s a pretty nice GO’ill, see that Rabbit on The Moon, that’s the FO’ken “Egg Man”.


Emisión América en rfpp, starring H.W. Zinn 🛩️

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