Orion — Dear, God: fuck you.

Give me Some DONNAS, keep Jesus Christ and Cocaine user, Franklin Graham of Billy Graham’s tax-deductible church racket fame.

Con la novedad, de que Colombia quiere hacer uso justo de su potencial agro farma terapéutarecreacional, but because FOX and Texas refuse to believe that Jesus, yes, Jesus the son of goD, was a fucking Commie, any how,  the guns and ammo murder Lobby wants Colombia to keep the bloodshed South of The Border by keeping cocaine on the illegal prohibited CashCow schedule source; and that is not the thick of it, the hippie bastard loved Cocaine, especially during his Sabbath sessions.

300 Americans (from the U.S. of A.) die of cocaine use, Eye says, fuck’em and FOX News aussie, do you cock suckers know how many Americans (not estadounidenses) are SACRIFIED by ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR to satisfy US Ambassador, Kenneth Salazar?

AU and Friends… Jesus was a Coke user.

~. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jeff_Fenholt

Let Colombia be a sovereign nation and FUCK the TEXA$ god and Fuck your Fantasy National Motto.


The Candy is in The Giftshop.

Ewe may call on The Candyman..

The Candyman Can

The Candyman can…

And, Julianna… Youse the bomb, now about that mic(K).

Across The Atlantic, it’s another edition of, “Animals are great”. In this episode, unnecessary French censorship.

Traditional Christian Values.

It’s a pattern, “háblele! ☎️

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