Intermedio en la procession — I don’t select the winged horses

Goooo, Darth’s Daughter!… Eye can see ALASKA FROM Trocadéro!

Breaking the Maddow Mold*

*~. The small print… en “negritas”. Offer is null in Puerto Rico, and at The BBC in Uruguay.

“Less heat more lights”, Alex WaWa from The Circus (ROMA) thinks that she’s starting Tuesday in Paris (Troya) with the “best staff”, but Rachel is wrong, Alex WaWa is missing the steel-tip on them Old Brown Shoes.


I swear, that I have been here before, but the CUBE 🕋 does not match the bricks ⛪.

Previously on Born In East L.A… Rudy y Sus Huevos Rancheros drove Clooney’s CAR 🚨🚨🚨. Viva THE LIFE OF BRIAN!!!

And, padre, don’t get your naguas up in a bunch, and neither your neighbor doña Yuridia* at rue des Bernardins (Anahuacalli) nor doña Vilma de las Tres Puertas en La Maub me pueden dejar mentir…

Una disculpa por MALesCREver su nombre… pero no solo de PAN (acción nacional) se nutre a los clochards de SciencesPo

La Jornada para principiantes, starring morena–francia.

Sous Les Jupons de fip ()

¿En qué pinche barrio de París va a andar un pinche:

pocho/chicano/beaner/wetback/chuntaro/naco—sin escuela…

Pe Ga Sus 🎙️ 🗃️

acomodando a Los Astros ⚾ y los cuadrantes con l’ocassion?

Are Ewe Not Entertained? Fuck The Gladiators, they are all fags. Paid for by Le Promenade des Anglais en Nice, France. Bola de putos–pues.

Answer: At the UNESCO Siege with the Editor of ZETA in Tijuana, even though, it is now CLEAR that nobody in that room, except for a Brazilian researcher from CUNY and my old friend, from the Venezuelan Embassy in France, was supposed to get near little ol’ ME.

My friend Gustavo in the frame… pinche ‘greñuda’ can’t let Mí tell a tale, but that’s in another chapter. Suffice to write, Gustavo is the intersection between AP LeMire at Morning Joe and of course, Led Zeppelin.
LOKI is the god of mischief.

And, Sirène… Eye hates to say, IT!, but them cunts³ are probably talking about Juanito Guanabacoa 🛩️ y los Amigos de Pegasus at La MAL217 ⚽ PSG.

³~. Yuriria Iturriaga y Vilma Fuentes.

Any how, padre, please be advised that The American Priest in Paris is like all the Parisian fags, on Holiday like la prima Donna. But let us not bring this ephemeral intersection go to waste even though La France took my toolz’Man! France took my toolz’ away from Mí.

Never the less, you’ve heard 🙉 about The Monkees, this is:


The Running of The Bulls is for fags.

The Papal Bulls on Parade ♉

Starring, The Exoplanetcist, “The Power of Physics Compels Ewe!”

“The Power of Physics Compels Ewe!”

“The Power of Physics Compels Ewe!”

🎙️ The microphone explodes, shattering the molds
Either drop the hits like De La O or get the fuck off the commode 🎤

De La O is of course, NO 44.

Come wit’ it now
Come wit’ it now

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