Centering the accuracy of “las mantas” de morena-francia since 2011

But first: The Legend of Torquemada.

From our correspondent at The Hubble Space Telescope 🔭
Josephus: Damn, this a hip crowd!
King Louis XVI: It’s good to be the king.
Count de Monet: Don’t get saucy with me, Bearnaise!

King Louis XVI: Ah, the Count Da Money!

Count de Monet: It’s “De Mon… ”

King Louis XVI: DON’T correct me!

On the level, do not try to adjust the settings on the geometry of the displacement of the prism.

Do not try to adjust your settings… Goooooo, Mets!


{and} OCDE at SciencesPo, if you are monitoring with your Pegasus microphones outside of the window of La Radio del Pueblo: chinguen a su madre ustedes también, dice El Tambor, but only if you qualify as un hijo o una hija de doña Marina Cortes de Borbón. Emperatríz de Tlaxcala, Estado de México en Churubusco via el periférico del Ajusco. “Haz Patria Mata a Un Chilango”.

Liverpool Hooligans-at-Work. Live from Marseille.


Across The Atlantic, a French Beast did the Daily Prayer for those in the cult, and DEERLY Bee Loved, is it Just Mi — {or} — is that French fellow the OLDER version of that British guy who pretends to work (in a blazer) and does the MLS ⚽  report for Cousin Joe? You know the guy, he fell in love with Mika and called America his chosen time-delay Liverpool at the msnbc’$.

Ya llegó 🎶 ya llego… ya llego Sergio “el bailador”… Ahora con bocina chicha en RFPP.

With that in mind, Öüï now return to morenafrancia the most FASCIST supporter of narco-criminales en Les Vernissages de Francia.

Las Mantas de “el sergio”… y Georgina “la cubana”, with musical guest, « Baila Como Juana La Cubana » con “el bailador” de Macuspana.


In Poland, The Brzezinski’s are poisoning les poissons… with MERCURY, Freddy, with MERCURY.

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