After Action Review with La China Thang

Globalization… a kind reminder that if you are not White or if your name is not spelt with, an EX, you are just another CHOLO on the block.

https ://www .publicradiotulsa .org /local-regional /2022-08-04 /judge-narrows-tulsa-race-massacre-survivors-reparations-lawsuit-but-allows-it-to-move-forward

Still to come:

BEANERS: very mexican; charmingly or fascinatingly lazy, esp. in a mysterious or magical way… but FO’ist!!!

New Jersey’s Chihuahuenses présents:
The Magical Mystery Tour
The Magical Mystery Tour is of course,
… waiting to take you away
Waiting to take you away

Roll up roll up for the Mystery Tour
Roll up roll up for the Mystery Tour

Transportes Chihuahuenses in association with Greyhound Trailways:

Of course when Israel does it, it’s not terrorism, it’s the Lord’s will through the chosen ones. — . Hoy Now Hubo Noticias.

what’s good for the Cuzquitos 🇵🇪 with reparations from Spain, is good for them Ukies under the Russian Orc attacks.

Run for office, otherwise you, sir, make Cinéma seem REEL. — Avi joins Tiff and you know WATT[$]… It’s an Eminence Front, in ARIZONA.

If they were SPANIARDS, Portuguese, FRENCH, BRITISH, DUTCH, or Belgas… Their descendants would have the rightful CLAIM to all of the GOLD bullion at the bottom of The Atlantic.

https ://www .sandiegouniontribune .com /sdut-peruvians-feel-robbed-over-spain-getting-treasure -2012mar12-story .html

And, Dorothy, we begin in KanSaS where Lucifer’s Mom is rising. Lilith was not amused with Eve’s Secret republican Garden.

Smoke on the Katie…

Taking the reciprocal: To get the reciprocal, invert the fraction. This is the same as taking 1 divided by the fraction. For example, if the fraction is 2/3 then the reciprocal is 3/2.


Méjico/Javier • Xavier/México … Let’s do the maths on this bitch, it starts with a Cross CANCELLATION across a Multiplication. Eye knows that it sounds Greek but it’s actually Arabic.

https ://www .ducksters .com /kidsmath /fractions_multiplying_dividing .php

As you Beasts of Burden figure that out, Over at the Avi Velshi Show, Avi Velshi went under cover (literally) to Alabama. Avi needed to go undercover on account that SHEETS are required in the ‘american’ South if one wants to do business there. Alabama does not have a Major League Baseball team, notwithstanding, Alabama leads the Nation in strikeouts‡.

For our Europeans 🏰 con abolengo, a strikeout is abbreviated with 3 consecutive  capital letter K — each.


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