PRESENT ARMS !!! A.A.R. follows

In Mono

And mister Javier Rey… Los Toreros Muertos 🇨🇱 called, they want their “Jay” back, so don’t forget to wear your Old Brown Shoes with that Bleu French Suit.

Los cueros… The only surviving Beatle + the element.

Once D.A.R.E. was a Güey… 

I am Sirius {and} the so-called « astro » Rey at The Bpi is mistaken… no nos fuimos juntos a comer pa’€££@ ya ya

NO-NENA tú Té’qivoKaZ
Yo No Me Llamo

OTTO SALAMI annonce L.A. Line, it’s like a Cosmic Slice of Chorizo at the French NASA à “les Halles–sur–Helios ».

Objects are Closer than They appear

Old Brown Shoe[$] Daft Punks in progress…

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