Inverted Utopias… AVANT-GARDE ART in LATIN AMERICA with José Díaz-Balart

Pardon, Mí, mister O’Donnell, do you have any Grey Poupon®️? Eye has the 🧾 ask Stephanie Ruhle, she’s our undisputed foxi champion of The Webs.

Lady-like delivery, you should be an ambassador.

Page 120 (slash) 121:
Of Terrorism in the Arts
Ángel Rama y Los Amigos Invisibles*

Techo d’esto… told y’all that I was going to Squeeze a Whale.
The following is a Public Service Announcement.
If you are going to use the Bpi please be advised that the LOO 🚽 is under repair (again), plan accordingly.
Also, starting next week all Derelict-es-ese must enter the Bpi through the Place Georges Pompidou, it’s a scheme concocted by The Paris Tourism Board in order to fool Spy Satellites into thinking that the line outside is for the Art section of The Building.
memo 📝 to the Library gods, in the form of a Kézako:
… nothing out of the ordinary, but why is it, that out of 40 computers only n⁰ 14 and n⁰ 15 have the headphone jack installed?… the new keyboards are Magnificent, notwithstanding.

https ://catalogue .bpi .fr /fr /document /ark: /34201 /nptfl0000599539?search Token=34adfe7c13c2741ee5a777421f5dbdc6f9607f20

“A monkey plan for a baseball game,” according to Joyce Vance on the Jan. 6 Awards, on MSNBC… Eye wonders where she got that lead from?
Probably from Pitorreal.

TÉL. 42°20°97


Yale University and Arbusto Museum of Fine Arts.

Negocio Próspero
Snapshot of Black Humor
1963 — Venezuela

Meanwhile at the ta’Güeno Corral, it’s Bannzzaaiii aïe.

Hoy no hubo Warrant

After the break, it’s, “Eye Dream of Beans”.

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