For the record, Eye does knot smoke and Öüï dreams of beans

And starring as Cheech Marín, Samuel Stains

One fox in Rome leads to a New York Minute ⏱️⌛
Time of the Signs… The French call it a Carte Blanche

If this is your first fashion rodeo in Paris, perhaps you have noticed how the average bistro-sittin’, small coffee-sippin’, pastry filled-with-hazelnut chocolate eating French, will not hesitate to give a cigarette out to any given person on the streets, there’s a reason for it…

American Graffiti in American Sign Language…

https ://www .leparisien .fr /faits-divers /pickpockets-vols-a-la-tire-arnaques-ces-pieges-qui-guettent-les-touristes-a-paris-24-06-2022– ZBBYQUN6UJFJHHOSDLV25B4KHA .php

Army Dreamers… A cover of Kate’s Bush.

_but this blog ain’t adequate enough to explain it to the Tenure-track professors of the academic intelligentsia at the IHESS or its mother ship, located somewhere inside of the bowels of La bendita Sorbona.

Live from Toulouse:

https ://www .20minutes .fr /arts-stars /culture /3313519-20220624 –plus-peur-vide-veut-prendre-parole-quand-trucs-dire-assure-oli-bigflo-oli

Deer, Oli and Bigflo… Ewe tú are starting to look like Laurel and Stanley, but only in the size of clothes that you wear. May Eye, have a cigarette?

Nº 3748 of 20 minutes
Grand Paris.

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